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Hey gente, seguimos con la venta. Esta vez con nuevos títulos al igual que con algunos que no llegaron a venderse. Creo que ya saben el mecanismo. Si algo les interesa, manden un mail a ciudadpop@gmail.com con el nombre del comic en el asunto. Y cualquier pregunta que tengan, siéntanse libres de hacerla en la sección de comentarios. El modo de pago preferido es obviamente el efectivo, pero si por ahí tienen algún comic que me pueda interesar, siempre hay espacio para hacer un intercambio. 

Una cosa más, todos los libros están en nuevas condiciones (a no ser que esté indicado en la descripción del costado). Así que ya saben. A invertir bien la grati.

NOTA: No se olviden de clickear abajo en 'más iformación' para encontrar muchos más títulos tanto de editoras independientes/alternativas como de comerciales a la DC, Marvel.

Terra Obscura (Vol 1 y 2)

Bestselling comics writer Alan Moore spins a brand new graphic novel from the cosmos of his fantastical retro-futuristic science-hero Tom Strong. 

Vol 1 (softcover) + 6 números correspondientes al vol 2

12 números en total

PRECIO : S/. 85

X-Men Manga #1 al 3

Manga inspirada en la versión norteamericana de los X-Men.

3 primeros números que datan de 1998. Dibujado y escrito por Hiroshi Higuchi.

PRECIO: S/. 22
Godland Vol 1 al 4

The cosmic superhero epic based on the art of Jack Kirby is back! Experience the glory of Commander Adam Archer, the enigmatic alien Maxim, the wacky Basil Cronus, the evil Discordia, the confusing Freidrich Nickelhead and that's just scratching the surface!

Set de los primeros 4 libros (softcover)

Precio: S/. 165
DC Showcase: The house of mystery

Do you dare to enter.... the House of Mystery? This books collects 22 classic issues anda wealth of early art from macabre masters Bernie Wrightson, Neal Adams, Gil Kane and Alex Toth, as well as the grim gags of Sergio Aragons, among many others!

Sotfcover de 552 páginas

Precio: S/.52

Hard Time vol 1 (autografiado)

Ethan Harrow and Brandon Snodd, two picked-on high school kids, decide to scare their tormentors with a fake Columbine-like incident. When Brandon begins executing people for real, a kind of energy  shoots out of Ethan, killing Brandon. Though only 15, Ethan is tried for the murders as an adult and found guilty.


Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn

The origin of Hal Jordan, Green Lantern, as retold for the 1990's audience, from the original 1989/90 six-issue series by Keith Giffen.


PRECIO: S/. 40
Thor Visionaries vol 1: Walter Simonson

Now Marvel presents the finest work of this visionary creator in this collection. Close your eyes and allow yourself to enter a world of rock trolls and frost giants, fire demons and trickster gods. Walt Simonson will take you into this fantastic world and make seem as real as your own.

288 páginas

PRECIO: S/. 70
Zoot Suite

The Langridge Brother's brilliant, surreal comic book is some of the most innovative comics work published in the past decade. Roger Lagridge's tight, yet fluid pen and ink work is a must see for all fans of the medium. Here's a guy who creates real worlds, real space.


Hellblazer #62, 63 y 70

Tres comics, tres historias cortas de la saga de Hellblazer de Garth Ennis y Steve Dillon (artista y dibujante de Preacher). Los tres comics son historias autoconclusivas e incluyen el laureado 'Forty', la historia del cumpleaños 40 de John Constantine.

PRECIO: S/. 20
Top Ten: Beyond the Farthest Precinct

Science fiction author Paul Di Filippo continues the classic award-winning series of graphic novels created by Alan Moore and Gene Ha. This volume focuses on the future of Top Ten's top cops as they face dangers from both Inside and outside their ranks, as well as the introduction of some new and decidedly unique cops on the force.

PRECIO: S/. 40

1602: New World

Rising stars Greg Pak and Greg Tocchini pick up where Neil Gaiman left off: America, the New World! When Captain America was thrust back in time, it changed reality as we know it. Dinosaurs still roam the earth, and the Marvel super heroes we know came to exist 500 years early.

Set de 5 números


Battle Hymn

It's 1944, and the first gathering of super-powered heroes may well be the last. What happens when the government assembles a new breed of super-powered beings at the height of war? Who lives? Who dies? And what exactly does the government have planned for the "heroes?"

Set de 5 números

PRECIO: S/. 40


If you ever wanted to read a comic book that focused on the Super Villain then this is the one for you. Golgoth is a somewhat tragic and complex character who is the type of super villain that Lex Luthor and Dr. Doom dream about being. He's a very successful conqueror, but  has to deal with the costs of having that success.

PRECIO: S/. 45

Alan Moore's The Hypothetical Lizard

What would you pay to learn the innermost secrets of wizards? Young prostitute Som Som has made the ultimate sacrifice; literally sworn to secrecy by cosmetic surgery, the two halves of Som Som's brain have been severed, leaving her able to hear and see... but not speak or act.

Set de 3 números

Precio: S/.32
Strangers in Paradise vol 1 al 3 (softcover)

In Moore's award winning book, best friends Francine and Katchoo are young women trying to find their places. Katchoo, a talented artist, is secretly in love with Francine. When Katchoo meets David at an art museum, it seems to be by chance, and the two build a strong friendship, despite David's desire for more.

Set de 3 libros

Precio: S/.100

Batman: Una muerte en la familia

Set de Peru 21 - 6 números

Precio: S/.20

Wolverine Evolution

Set de Peru 21 - 6 números

Precio: S/.20

Cerebus: High Society

High Society is one of the finest graphic novels ever published. Parliamentary politics were never so much fun as they are in the Prime Minister election of 1414. Lord Julius and the mysterious Astoria battle for control of the city-state Iest with Cerebus as their unwitting pawn.

512 páginas
Epileptic 1

Hailed as one of the most important and innovative comics artists, David B. has created a masterpiece in Epileptic, his stunning and emotionally resonant autobiography about growing up with an epileptic brother.


Justice #1 al 12

After the villains of the Legion of Doom — led by Lex Luthor and Brainiac — band together to save the world after a shared dream that seems to be a vision of the Earth’s demise. They are confronted by the Justice League of America, who doubt their true motives. The true plans unfold as the two teams do battle.

Set de 12 números

Precio: S/.130
Love and Rockets: Wigwam Bam

When Jaime Hernandez launched Wigwam Bam, no one realized to what extent it would be his definitive statement on the post-punk culture. Maggie, Hopey, and the Locas prowl Los Angeles and the East Coast, trying to recapture the carefree spirit of those early days.

Precio: S/.100

Amazing Spider-Man #546 al 564

Set de Peru 21 - 19 números

Desde el inicio de 'Brand New Day' hasta POV3.

Precio: S/. 68

Spider-Man : One More Day

Set de Peru 21 - 4 números

Precio: S/.15


Running from the 1920's Chicago style killings in Old Gangsters Never Die, to the ruminations of modern life in the namesake piece Another Suburban Romance, this powerful work is one that no Alan Moore fan will want to miss!

SC - PRECIO: S/.20

The super-heroic legacy of Starman is renewed in these stories, in which Jack Knight--antiques collector and dealer--inherits the name and powers of his father's old Starman identity from his older brother, who has been assassinated. 

SC - PRECIO: S/.45


Battle Chasers essentially took the staples of fantasy and anime - the swordsman, a young child with great power, an old wizard, a female mercenary, and a giant robot - and throws them in a story straight out of a Dungeons & Dragons.


SC - PRECIO: S/.38

Here, in one loaded volume, are some of the best told stories from the Spider-Man universe including the award winning 'Severance Package' by Greg Rucka and Eduardo Risso.



PRECIO: S/. 95


In the 1930’s, life in Brooklyn was murder. Follow the intertwined lives of Jewish gangsters Allie Tanennbaum, Abe Reles and scores of hoods organized by Louis Lepke Buchalter into the deadliest hit operation in Mafia history


HC - PRECIO: S/.35


Matt Murdock takes a new case! Still reeling from the conclusion of his battle with Mr. Fear, an old friend drags Matt Murdock back into the light of day by bringing him the last-minute appeal of a Marvel villain now sitting on death row.

SC - PRECIO: S/. 42


Graphic novel fans won't be able to resist as Dracula comes to make Gotham City his dark dominion, first preying on the homeless and then amassing an army to take on the good citizens of Gotham. Batman must forge an alliance with the undead to defeat this unholy foe.

SC - PRECIO: S/. 32

Martha Washington -- prisoner, runaway, lunatic, soldier, and now seditionist -- has seen the future. It looks great on paper, but it doesn't work. The U.S. government is controlled by power-hungry nutcases. The ecology is a shambles. It's Martha vs. the United States government, and the odds are more even than you might think!

SC - PRECIO: S/. 45


Bldhaven has seen its share of battles between its costumed protector, Nightwing, and various criminals. But when an army of ninjas arrives, its only a harbinger of the deadliest threat yet. Shrike, long thought dead, is back, and he wants revenge on his childhood pal Nightwing.

SC - PRECIO: S/. 40


Owly is a kind, yet lonely, little owl who's always on the search for new friends and adventure. Relying on a mixture of symbols, icons, and expressions to tell his silent stories, Runton's clean, animated, and heartwarming style makes it a perfect read. 

SC - PRECIO: S/. 20


As Earth’s future champions begin working together as a unified team, they quickly learn the true consequences of the path they have chosen. Featuring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the Flash, this action-packed volume includes the Teen Titans inaugural adventures as they face off against the deadly mercenary Deathstroke.

SC - PRECIO: S/.30


Buffy the next runway supermodel? Believe it! Buffy pursues a potential modeling career only to learn that beauty isn't just skin deep. Selke, the vampire Buffy thought was killed in a mausoleum fire, returns with a vengeance.


 Comic Hora Zero: Crisis en el tiempo

Segunda crisis en el universo DC, de 1994. En esta ocasión no se reorganiza el espacio, sino el tiempo. Una amenaza desconocido está alterando toda la continuidad del universo para rehacerla según sus propios deseos, pero la Liga se llevará una gran sorpresa cuando descubran de quien se trata.

Set de 5 comics

Precio: S/.35
History of the DC Universe

Marv Wolfman y George Pérez narran la historia completa del universo DC tal como quedó inmediatamente después de la primera crisis, en las palabras de Harbinger. La primera edición de 1986 tenía dos volúmenes de 52 páginas, esta reedición del 2002 es un solo tomo de 104 en estado óptimo, con portada de Alex Ross.

Precio: S/.45
Wolverine: Enemy of the State

Set de Peru 21 de 6 comics que recopilen los 12 números originales.

Contiene: El lavado de cerebro de Logan por Hydra y La Mano, la masacre que arma en la comunidad super heroica, la desprogramación por parte de SHIELD, y la batalla final con El Gorgón.

Precio: S/.36


Steve Burnside ha dicho que…
Hola que tal, quisiera saber en que idioma están los 3 tomos de X-MEN Manga y el comic de ALAN MOORE'S ANOTHER SUBURBAN ROMANCE

Steve Burnside ha dicho que…
Hola que tal, quisiera saber en que idioma están los 3 tomos de X-MEN Manga y el comic de ALAN MOORE'S ANOTHER SUBURBAN ROMANCE.

Benjamín Ordaya.
Anónimo ha dicho que…
Muy buenos precios los de los comics de peru.21, no como otros frikis mequetrefes que elevan irracionalmente los precios hasta asfixiar la billetera del publico consumidor. Si no me animo a comprarlos es porque ya los tengo, sólo quiero la número 2 de Iron Man las cinco pesadillas.
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Ambos tomos están en inglés. Te interesan? Saludos.
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Ok, separame el Cerebus: High Society
, ya coordinamos. Un saludo
Danny ha dicho que…
Danny ha dicho que…
me interesa la de muerte en familia que fuesigue en pie o ya la vendieron? :(
Anónimo ha dicho que…
Hola, quisiera saber quien esta interesado en book death of superman, 1ra edicion ingles, no es nuevo.

Jessel ha dicho que…
Hola, quisiera saber quien esta interesado en book death of superman, 1ra edicion ingles, no es nuevo.

Jessel ha dicho que…
Hola, quisiera saber quien esta interesado en book death of superman, 1ra edicion ingles, no es nuevo.